Shows About Video Game Characters

Kirby! Kirby-Kirby! That’s a name you should know! Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! He’s the star of the show! He’s more than you think, he’s got *maximum PINK* Kirby-Kirby-Kirby’s the o-o-one! Unsurprisingly,  they gave it the most *hilariously* terrible dub I’ve heard from them since “One Piece”! We just don’t get as charmingly bad dubs nowadays as […]

Video Game Cartoons

Let’s chat video games! One of the most universally enjoyed art forms across, all ages! And given the *huge* popularity, and culture dedicated to them, it’s no wonder executives wanna make a cartoon around them. While in concept a cartoon about a video game sounds like a great idea, many of them end up being […]

Most popular games of all time

Along with Mario Kart, Goldenye best represents that small window in video games’ history when it was truly a group activity. The single player gameplay was decent and somewhat faithful to the film, but Goldeneye will aways be remembered for it’s fun multiplayer features like “slappers only” and the advantages of being Odd Job. Dune […]

Backgammon Onscreen

Backgammon has been enjoyed by generations, and electronic versions have launched backgammon to a brand new generation of gamers. Onscreen, backgammon appears a whole lot like other preferred games; with pieces that appear like checkers, stones or coloured dots. You may see dice which might be employed to create random moves and to enable you […]

How to spot a bluff

If you want to win big in poker, you must know how to analyze your opponents correctly. Knowledge of how to bluff is very important, but the knowledge about how to spot a bluff is even more important. When you are playing a no limit poker with live leader casino online and you do not […]


The Perfect Poker Hand

When I refer to the perfect poker hand, I am not describing a perfectly played hand. Nor am I describing a perfect outcome. I am using the word perfect in much the same way it was used to describe the unique circumstances that blended to make the Perfect Storm, which resulted in tragedy for a […]


How to Handle Hot Streaks

The question of whether or not you should change your strategy when you’re winning. What’s a hot streak? Is it something that should affect the way you play? Well, if you’re sitting there winning many hands no matter what mediocre cards you started with, your straights fill in and your flushes come to fruition, and […]


How to Cope With Losing Streaks

Playing over your head.  Sometimes when a player has a bad session or two, they will move up levels to “get their money back.” This is especially easy to do online. The problem is that here you are typically using a hit-and-run strategy, and also won’t be playing your best because you’ll either be: 1) […]


Share your love, but not your cellar (Annettes Thanksgiving advice)

Anyone who is a wine lover usually learns early in life that Thanksgiving is not a time to share your cellars treasures. Oh sure, these are the friends and family, that you would donate your kidneys to, but let’s say you’ve selected one of your slumbering babies, carefully cradled it to the table,  announce the […]


Epistemology and Enology. Wine Industry.

A philosophical reflection on how we gain and use knowledge in the wine industry However it does not mean there is nothing real or true about our surroundings, or in this case about viticulture and enology. Again Tarnas: since evidence can be adduced and interpreted to corroborate a virtually limitless array of world views, the […]


2007 Vintage Musings II: the numbers game

I have now participated in 6 harvests and in each of them the winemakers I worked for decided when to pick based upon flavors. Sure seems simple and straightforward, no? To put it as I have heard David Ramey say, delicious fruit should make delicious wine, so pick when the fruit tastes delicious. Now of […]