Shows About Video Game Characters

Kirby! Kirby-Kirby! That’s a name you should know! Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! He’s the star of the show! He’s more than you think, he’s got *maximum PINK* Kirby-Kirby-Kirby’s the o-o-one! Unsurprisingly,  they gave it the most *hilariously* terrible dub I’ve heard from them since “One Piece”! We just don’t get as charmingly bad dubs nowadays as […]

Video Game Cartoons

Let’s chat video games! One of the most universally enjoyed art forms across, all ages! And given the *huge* popularity, and culture dedicated to them, it’s no wonder executives wanna make a cartoon around them. While in concept a cartoon about a video game sounds like a great idea, many of them end up being […]

Most popular games of all time

Along with Mario Kart, Goldenye best represents that small window in video games’ history when it was truly a group activity. The single player gameplay was decent and somewhat faithful to the film, but Goldeneye will aways be remembered for it’s fun multiplayer features like “slappers only” and the advantages of being Odd Job. Dune […]