Shows About Video Game Characters

Kirby! Kirby-Kirby! That’s a name you should know! Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! He’s the star of the show! He’s more than you think, he’s got *maximum PINK* Kirby-Kirby-Kirby’s the o-o-one! Unsurprisingly,  they gave it the most *hilariously* terrible dub I’ve heard from them since “One Piece”! We just don’t get as charmingly bad dubs nowadays as good ol’ 4Kids! Henchman: His Highness sounds as frightened as a tree as a termite party! Strider: Like King Dedede’s voice and his henchmen are just wonderful to listen to! King Dedede: Well, does this make me look official? Hench-Snail: That’s perfect, sire! Hold it right there! Strider: It’s like I’m listening to some bad, 90’s, kid friendly rap artists, it’s just *wonderful*! In the cartoon, Kirby had made the simple, quaint dream of becoming *The Protector of the Universe!* And as usual, he approaches it with his usual, cutesy, wide-eyed charm that we appreciate him for. Another interesting thing is Kirby never actually speaks in this show. He communicates through a universal language. It’s another sort of “Monster of the Week” type show with an overarching plot. The CGI’s a bit out of date for today’s standards.

But it’s still *leagues* better than “Megaman Fully Charged!” Overall, this was a *solid* cartoon series for Kirby. And  I’m glad I saw it. And the fourth worst video game cartoon is… (Moment of singing and the creature on screen screams) “Rabbids Invasion” This show is just *awful*! I can assure you, this is one of the most annoying shows on the list! The animation *does* hold up, but it just means we get to watch these *vexing* Minions rip-offs just shaking their rears on our TV’s. Just by being the Rabbids, they’ll have the occasional fun antic, but it tend to just be overwhelmingly annoying. (Rabbids start  blabbering under Strider’s vocal volume.) Every episode is formulaic and just *mindless*! Most of the jokes seem to be the writers throwing up their hands and saying, “Let’s see how random we can get!” There really is nothing else to say with it, it’s so simple! I personally think kids deserve higher quality shows than this. And the fourth  *best* video game cartoon is… (Speeding sound) “Sonic the Hedgehog” As some people probably know, I freaking love Sonic! And I’ll take any excuse to talk about him. And here’s one of them!

The show also goes by the fan-name “Sonic SatAM” so that people don’t confuse it with the other not-so-good Sonic cartoon series — bad, in fact, but interesting. Sonic: …admission is free! Strider: Would you believe this was actually produced by Dic Animation? But the thing is, you never tell. It’s really, *really* good! With a far more epic, sophisticated, and *dark* story, depicting a world where Robotnik’s basically won! And Sonic’s just one of a handful of freedom fighters just trying to annoy him and turn off his power. Sally: We need to shut down his backup generator too. Sonic: Maybe there isn’t a backup. (Well-timed power generated) Eh, wrong. Strider: You will never see a more menacing take on Doctor Robotnik than this. And that menacing nature makes one of the most engaging cartoon narratives I can remember. There’s an interesting narrative about nature conquering technology. Along with a really memorable cast of freedom fighters