The Perfect Poker Hand

When I refer to the perfect poker hand, I am not describing a perfectly played hand. Nor am I describing a perfect outcome. I am using the word perfect in much the same way it was used to describe the unique circumstances that blended to make the Perfect Storm, which resulted in tragedy for a New England fishing vessel.

With regard to no limit poker on online gambling websites, I am describing a perfect set of circumstances in which two or more players feel that they have a sufficiently good hand to push all of their chips into the pot, resulting in disaster for one or more players and profit for another.

In order for two separate individuals to prudently evaluate the strength of their own hands and conclude they have the best of it, the hand must create a sense of strength for more than one player.

For example, if player 1 has a pair of Kings before the flop, but player 2 has a pair of Aces, player one will prudently conclude that he has the best hand even though he doesn’t, and he is very likely to put all of his chips in the pot. On the other hand if player 1 has a pair of sixes, it’s not quite so prudent to put all of your chips into the pot before the flop when player 2 with the Aces moves all-in. Therefore it’s clear that player 2 has a better chance of doubling his chips when he faces Kings than when he faces sixes.

No limit hold-em for many is a quest to find the perfect hand, and get action from the poor, unfortunate soul who has a strong yet weaker hand. Before the flop it’s the hapless player with the Kings who moves in against the Aces. After the flop, it might be the hapless player with Aces against the pocket 8s with an 8 on the board. On the river or turn it may be the King high flush against the Ace high flush, etc. etc.

If you are on the inferior side of the perfect hand, you are very likely to lose it all. If you make a habit of assuming your strong hand is no good, you will be bluffed out with regularity. Thus, it’s hard to make the big laydown under these circumstances. There are many factors that go into tournament success, but I believe avoiding getting trapped in the perfect hand is a key. With television’s impact on poker, we are seeing familiar faces getting to the finals on a regular basis. I believe that many of these stars are getting there, because they manage to avoid being on the underside of perfect hands, or they escape by drawing out. They are also able to create circumstances in which they can trap an opponent with the perfect hand.