Video Game Cartoons

Let’s chat video games! One of the most universally enjoyed art forms across, all ages! And given the *huge* popularity, and culture dedicated to them, it’s no wonder executives wanna make a cartoon around them. While in concept a cartoon about a video game sounds like a great idea, many of them end up being vendor trash in your local bargain bin, feeling soulless and completely unnecessary, but occasionally these cartoons can be really good fun, and it can feel great to see our video game heroes in the cartoon screen! So let’s check out the “Top 5 Best *and* Worst Video Game Cartoons.” And as always keep in mind, these are just my silly personal opinions. So take this list with a pinch of salt anyway onto the countdown! (Soft bullet shot and metal ting from Overwatch.) The fifth *worst* video game cartoon is… Mario: Hey, Paisanos! It’s The Super Mario [Brothers] Super Show! Oh, we know it’s bad!

That still doesn’t make it *enjoyably* bad. The live action parts are interesting. The guest celebrities they get on that they can afford are fine. There’s even an episode where they have Inspector Gadget on! And it’s always welcomingly cheesy to see these live action actors doing the Mario! Live action Mario: (While dancing) Wave your arms from side to side! Come on, it’s time to go! Do the Mario! Strider: In a modern Mario, I’d honestly love to see Charles Martinet doing this role! Can you imagine Martinet doing the Mario? Martinet: (In character) It’s-a me! Mario! Woo-hoo! And every episode has the same basic story. The evil King Koopa, a.k.a. Bowser, wreaks havoc in the various worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom. And it’s up to Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the princess -when she isn’t kidnapped- to spoil his *nefarious* plans! (Mildly dry) Rinse, lather, repeat. The animation is cheesy, and *barely* a step up from the CDi games. CDi Luigi: I hope you made lotsa Spaghetti! Strider: Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. The voice acting’s cheesily bad- Mario: En garde, honcho! I’m gonna make linguini outta you! (Lazer sword draws) King Koopa: I’d like to see you try it, Meatball! (Lazer sword draws) Mario: Take the plunge, Koopa!

The animation’s as dodgy as it gets, but you know, it’s still fun! It’s so *memorably* bad that I still vividly remember this series from when I was a kid! It’s a weak cash-in, but it’s silly, and it’s fun! It’s bad, and lazy, but it is *enjoyably* bad! Live action Mario: …’Til next time, everybody! All three on screen: Do the Mario! (Music ends) (Music plays) Strider: The fifth *best* video game cartoon is… Kirby, Right back at Ya! What a weird surprise to see this… Even existed! A.. really nice surprise though! Kirby’s awesome! Hell, Kirby’s Smash Ultimate Cinematic gave me *goosebumps* it was so good And lucky for us, “Kirby, Right Back at Ya!” was made *in house* by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory [Inc.] To make absolutely sure that Kirby’s TV debut wasn’t a.. *rancid* garbage pile! However, you’re probably saying: (Paraphrasing audience) “But Josh, if it’s in such good hands, why is it so early on the list? This sounds great!” (Answering) Well… Not even Nintendo could save it from the villainous hands of… (Thunder snap) 4Kids! You see, Kirby Right Back at Ya was unlucky enough to have face-landed in their ~devious~ lair! But, surprisingly, they gave it one *hell* of a kicker-intro song! Just listen to this!